Change AOL Password Via AOL Customer Support Phone Number

There are tones of reasons due to which AOL customers wants to Change AOL Password. Under many situations, user’s suspects or identifies that the AOL email account hacked or forgot AOL password. Intruders & hackers successfully able to access the user’s AOL account if only because of weak password strength. In this blog, we will provide AOL customers proper insight so that user can handle the AOL Mail Login Problems manually by resetting AOL password. However, AOL customers can also get in touch with the certified AOL techies at AOL Customer Support Phone Number or AOL Customer Service Phone number.

Reset AOL Mail Password in Web Browser

Change the AOL mail account password with the help of the system’s web browser:-

1.  Use phone number or username to login AOL in web browser along with a correct password.
2.  To open the account information screen, click on the name displaying at the top-right side of the screen.

3.  From the left panel, choose the “Account Security” tab.

4.  From the ‘How you sign in’ field, hit on the “Change Password” icon. 

5.  In the ‘New password’ & ‘Confirm new password’ field enter a new desired password.

6. Finally, choose the “Continue” option. The “new password” will start acting as the user’s present password and update the account recovery information such as recovery email & recovery phone number. Later, click on the “Looks good” icon to proceed further.

Note: Go to the AOL official homepage to reach the AOL Contact Number & get information about “how to change AOL password”.

Change AOL Password in iOS
Possibly plenty of users are utilizing their AOL mail account on apple device such as iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. In this situation, AOL customers can reset their AOL account password via mobile app.
1.  Tap on the ‘AOL app’ icon at the home screen of iOS device.
2.  Choose the gear sign at the bottom right corner .i.e. “Settings” icon.
3.  Go to the ‘Support’ section and tap on the “Privacy dashboard”. 
4.  Choose the “Your Account” tab.
5.  Type in the account credentials.
6.  In “Your Account” field, select the “Edit Account Info” icon.
7.  In the “Personal Info” display, hit onto the 3-horizontal-line ‘menu’ icon from the top left.
8.  From the fly-out menu, choose the “Account Security” tab.
9.  Hit onto the “Change Password” option.
10.Tap on the password section & type in the new password in each section.
11.After entering the new password, hit onto the “Continue” option.

12. Finally, AOL customers need to enter recovery email & recovery phone number in the confirmation screen. Hit onto the “Looks good” icon or “Done” to finish.

The above-shown steps are enough to change AOL password in the Web browser & iOS device. If users experience AOL Email Problems or other, the AOL customers are recommended to navigate to the AOL official website and dial the AOL Customer Support Phone Number immediately.


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